The Case Study Homes

How much do you know about case study homes? Most people think it is a general term, any outstanding piece of single family residence architecture. Perhaps that is not wrong. But actually, there are the case study homes, which were commissioned by Arts & Architecture back in the 40s.

The reason for these homes? To create a new standard for post-war single family homes. Arts & Architecture outlined the study ahead of actual construction in 1945, awaiting restrictions to be lifted on certain materials (because of rationing during wartime). Originally, eight well known architects of the time would each create their own single family home with a functional design and an affordable price tag. The announcement even stated that each “house must capable of duplication and in no sense be an individual ‘performance.’ It is important that the best material available be used in the best possible way in order to arrive at a ‘good’ solution of each problem, which in the overall program will be general enough to be of practical assistance to the average American in search of a home in which he can afford to live.”

Obviously, some of the case study homes exceeded the requirements but at its inception, these were to be functional affordable homes for the average American. Over 70 years later and the fact that many of these homes are known by name and still considered exceptional, the original intent of the study fell by the wayside at some point.

If you are interested in architecture, chances are you already know about these case study homes and have even visited some of them. If you have not, you are in luck! There are 20 case study homes located in the greater Los Angeles area, and Curbed LA even mapped them out for you.